Adventurous Sailing

The freedom of the open seas, wind in the hair and a star to steer by! Well actually a modern well-equipped Category B Offshore Yacht with GPS, Radar, central heating, hot and cold running water and a UK trained Royal Yacht Association qualified Yachtmaster Offshore Commercial Skipper to show you the very real delights of cruising in Norwegian waters. Based in Stavanger, the Yacht Northern Light is ideally placed to learn the delights and challenges of offshore cruising in Northern Waters.

Suitable for couples who wish to experience something more challenging than floating around in the Mediterranean, perhaps Fathers and Sons who wish to have a week together and come back able to crew and manage the yacht together. Young men and women find sailing both rewarding and inspiring for the rest of their lives: it teaches self-reliance, teamwork and self-discipline whilst having a great deal of fun. These qualities are in demand by employers who can also of course send their young executives with potential on Leadership Training Courses if they are good enough to rise to the challenge. All this and learning English at the same time!

We also use the yacht as a vessel for enhancing the life and communication skills of couples, as it encourages mutual respect and teamwork within a partnership, is a break from everyday life and allows skills to be developed in a safe and closely monitored environment away from the pressures of home.