Life Skills Coaching

You are a normal person or a normal couple, you live in Germany, and you have gone through a normal German upbringing and education yet not everything falls exactly into place, as you would wish it. You do not need the help of a psychiatrist or psychologist but the assistance and support of a husband and wife team with wide experience of the ways of the world and the difficulties that life sets in our path might help to give a clearer vision of how to achieve the aims you have for yourself or yourselves and those about you.

Communication with those close and near is not always easy, communication at work can be filled with difficulty and not every neighbour is easy to get on with. We are both experienced
in helping train people in the skills needed to make life more
rewarding, satisfying and fulfilling. If you feel that life should
have more to offer than it does at the moment, you are not
sure how to achieve it, contact either of us by phone or
e-mail in English or German and we can see what is
achievable. Training and advice will be specifically tailored
to the exact needs of the situation and those involved.

Working closely with my wife
Petra von Wallenberg Pachaly, who has a
successful Practice for Psychotherapy and
Physiotherapy, we provide Seminars for
small businesses, couples and individuals
in Life Skills Coaching leading to a more
fulfilling and rewarding working environment
or improved interpersonal skills. Life should
be enjoyable - we can help you make it so!