English for Executives

Express yourself in English as well as you can in German!

You are perhaps an executive in German Industry - Manufacturing or Service - you need to speak, understand and write accurate, brief and clear English to be successful. You already can communicate simple personal and work related messages.

The Common European Framework has a six level of competence - you need to be an Independent User - understanding, communicating and putting into practice standard information both in every day life and in work related situations. You may wish to do more - put complex information into practice both in every day life and in work situations, presentations and meetings. Ultimately, you may wish to achieve almost native speaker levels in everyday life and work related situations, presentations, reports, instructions and explanations in detail.

You need to make an impact in English - I can teach you the full spectrum from Basic to Competent User, English Language and the associated Management Skills for Business English Certification. All training is exactly tailored to your precise needs, present skills and future requirements.

To discuss your requirements, please phone or e-mail, write in English or German, and we will find a satisfactory solution. All training costs can be offset against tax!