English for Individuals

Understand and speak English as well as you do German!

You live in Germany, perhaps Lower Bavaria, went through the normal German school system and now find that your English is not as good as you would like. You wish to understand and speak English on holiday, use the internet websites written in English or watch films, television or read books written in the original language rather than in translation, however good. You may wish to get a job or promotion where English is a necessity. You feel you're missing something - you are!

The Common European Framework has six levels of competence - you wish to be at least a Basic User - understanding and communicating important information both in writing and orally. You may wish to achieve Independent User levels where you can put complex information into practice both in everyday life and also work related situations. You may have the ultimate aim of achieving Competent User level where you have almost native fluency in everyday life and work related situations down to the last small detail. All this can be learned given time and application - it can even be fun and is very rewarding to do!

I can help you achieve your aims and aspirations. All training is exactly tailored to your precise needs, present skills and future requirements. Please contact me, by phone or e-mail, in English or German, and we can see how to achieve your wishes.