Personal English Coaching for Senior Executives at Board Level - Are you quite certain you have understood every nuance of the negotiation? Are you able to follow every twist and turn without appearing to have missed the point? If you cannot answer with an honest “Yes”, then you should not be too proud to ask for discrete, experienced and competent support– it might save your company a very great deal of money, or even better, make you a handsome and well-earned profit.

Finance Professionals – The progressively greater use of English in the Finance World makes it ever more important to be absolutely proficient. Mistakes can be very expensive and it might be your job on the line! Get really effective in English and put it to use for your own and your Company’s benefit.

Doctors – The need to be able to communicate effectively with your Patient in English is increasing, in Germany and overseas. An introduction to Medical English makes good sense for Doctor and Patient.

Lawyers – International Legal English is becoming vital in the profession. Make sure you or your client do not have the wool pulled over your eyes. Use our expertise before it gets expensive!

Human Resources Professionals – the HR business in Europe is truly International and proficiency in English is now imperative if the best results are to be achieved. Make sure you do not get left behind.