Website English

Many excellent German Websites have first class German language sides, offering high quality goods and services to a worldwide customer base on line. Sadly, in the modern Europe and in the world of international global trade, not every website has an English translation that reflects the quality of the original. If you wish to reach customers who do not speak German but do read English, you wish to make the right impression from the start. You do not wish to loose custom because buyers might fear the goods or services are as shoddy as some of the English translations.

You may have your translations validated for accuracy, style and form so as to say in English to native English speakers, or any other reader of English, that which you write so well in German. You do not wish to have your English version cause the reader to split their sides with laughter at the mistakes at best or, at worst, go elsewhere because what is written is quite simply incomprehensible. All too many websites fall somewhere in-between so do not let it happen to your website! Please phone or e-mail for assistance and support in either English or German.

Working on websites in conjunction with Anton Korduan to produce the best possible English Language pages for German Websites.